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Frequently Asked Questions

Scan our list of topics to find answers to the questions most frequently asked by Club Car customers.

General Information

General Company Information

What does Club Car do?
Club Car manufactures a wide range of gasoline, electric and diesel-powered small vehicles that are used to make moving people, equipment and materials more efficient, more cost effective and often simply more fun. Club Car is best known for its golf cars and utility vehicles that have long been considered market leaders on the course. Club Car also manufactures golf cars, utility and transportation vehicles for commercial, industrial and recreational purposes.

Where is Club Car located?
The Corporate Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

Investor and Philanthropic Information

Who owns Club Car?
Club Car is a publicly traded company and is part of worldwide Ingersoll Rand. Ingersoll Rand is a global diversified firm providing products, services and solutions to enhance the quality and comfort of air in homes and buildings, transport and protect food and perishables, and increase industrial productivity and efficiency. Driven by a 100-year-old tradition of technological innovation, we enable our customers to create progress and a positive impact in their world.

Share Holder Information
See the Investor Relations section of Ingersoll Rand's website. Club Car trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "IR."

Does Club Car sponsor charities or community programs?
Club Car supports many charities and community programs. All requests must be in writing on organization letterhead. Requesting organizations must be 501c3 corporations. Please submit requests to:

    Club Car Citizenship Council
    P.O. Box 204658
    Augusta, GA 30917
    Fax: 706-869-9864

Career Information

How do I find out about employment at Club car or its parent company, Ingersoll Rand?
General Club Car career information can be found on our Career page. For job listings at Club Car, search for Club Car Job Postings on the Ingersoll Rand website.

Authorized Dealers and Distributors

About Club Car Dealers and Distributors

How do I contact the closest authorized Club Car dealer?
See the Dealer Locator page.

Do all Club Car dealers carry the same product?
No. Our dealers carry a variety of products from consumer golf cars to fleet golf cars to commercial and consumer utility vehicles. To find a dealer in your area for your particular product of interest, please visit our Dealer Locator.

Are all Club Car dealers also authorized service dealers?
All Club Car dealers that sell our product lines are authorized service dealers. To find your closest service dealer see the Dealer Locator page.

How do I find an international Club Car distributor?
International Club Car dealers and distributors may be found in the Dealer Locator.

Becoming a Club Car Authorized Dealer

How do I become a Club Car dealer?
Information about becoming a Club Car XRT utility vehicle dealer can be found at For information about becoming a dealer for another product line please call 800-CLUB CAR, extension 3, or complete the contact us form.

Vehicle and Accessory Information

Vehicle Information and Ways to Buy

Who can I contact about Club Car products?
Contact your local authorized dealer as they are your best resource for any product information, pricing and availability. The Club Car website is also an excellent resource for the latest information and details on all new Club Car products. Check back often for updates and details on new products.

Can the site help me decide which vehicle is best suited for me and my needs?
Yes, the Club Car website contains information about all of the current Club Car product lines. The website contains information including specifications, features, benefits and detailed pictures for you to determine which product would be best suited for you.

Can I buy Club Car products on-line?
Club Car consumers can purchase apparel and gift certificates any time by visiting and clicking on the 

How can I find out if there are any recalls or product updates?
Current recalls are listed on in the lower left corner. Contact your local dealer for past recalls.

I am having trouble with my Club Car vehicle, where can I get help?
In the event that you are experiencing a problem please contact your local dealer. The dealer can provide service for your vehicle and will work with you to correct any problems that may arise.

What tires do you recommend other than the factory tires?
We only recommend using genuine Club Car original equipment factory tires.

How do I get a spare key for my vehicle?
Please contact your local dealer to purchase and additional key.

Do I need to install tire chains? How do I install tire chains?
You probably need to install tire chains if you are planning to operate in slippery conditions. Most turf tires do not have enough traction to operate in slippery conditions.

Getting started: Safety is always a #1 priority. Please follow the steps listed below.

  • Work on a level surface
  • Ensure your equipment is secure, use blocks if needed
  • If possible, install your tire chains in a warm place
  • Removing the tires or wheel assemblies is optional. It can increase the chance of losing parts (such as axel keys and e-clips), but may make it easier to install the chains properly. You can also lift the rear of the vehicle to make installation easier.
  • Chains get tangled in the box. Remove the chains from the box and untangle the chains from each other and themselves.
  • Lay the chains out on the floor. Take a moment to identify all the parts of the tire chain. Notice that they have a regular hook on one side and a lever fastener on the other side. The regular hook goes on the inside closest to the transmission. The lever fastener goes on the outside.
  • There is also a "right side up." The opening in the hooks for the cross links always faces away from the rubber tire.

Steps to install:

  • 1) Drape chain over the tire. Make sure the open side of the hooks for the cross links is away from the rubber tire. The regular hooks should be on the inside. The lever fastener should be on the outside.
  • 2) Try to center the chain on the tread of the tire as close as possible. Make sure the cross chains are straight across the face of the tire tread.
  • Hook the regular hook on the inside to a link on the other side of the chain. Use the tightest link possible without moving the chain from its centered position on the tread.
  • 3) On the outside of the tire, hook the lever fastener through an open link on the free end of the rim chain. Make sure the extra links do not interfere with the lever.
  • 4) Next, fold the lever fastener back 180 degrees. If the lever won't fold back all the way, try one link longer. If the lever folds easily, try one link shorter.
  • 5) Hook the end through the link on the rim chain.
  • 6) Check the chain tension. When the tension is correct it will be difficult to fit a finger between the tire and any of the chain links. If the chains are not tight, release the lever fastener in a position one link shorter. If it is difficult to reach the shorter links, check for the cross links that may be caught in the tire treads. Reposition the cross links so they are all as parallel to each other as possible, then try to hook the next shortest links. It may take several tries to get the correct tension on the chains.
  • 7) Reinstall wheel and tire assemblies or let the tractor down, if necessary.
  • 8) Test drive chains by driving the tractor about 40 feet. Recheck the chain tension. Tighten if loose. The chains must be snug against the tires. If left too loose they will fall off during operation.
  • 9) Use wire or a nylon zip tie to secure any excess rim links. This will prevent damage to the tractor fender or transmission case.

Can I deflate the tires to make the chain installation easier?
Yes, but it is normally not necessary. Deflating the tires adds another step to the process and only helps marginally. Also, it is easy to accidentally break the seal on the bead of the tire when the tires are deflated, making re-inflation without special equipment difficult.

Pricing, Promotions, Shipping

Where can I ask about promotional programs that might be going on?
We typically post marquee advertisements on the home page of this Web site for our current national promotions. Please contact your local dealer to find out about promotional programs.

How can I find pricing for a Club Car product?
Your local Club Car dealer can quote you current pricing for Club Car product and assist you in determining the correct product for your applications.

How can I find out what financing is available for Club Car products?
Click here to view current financing programs.

I ordered a new Club Car vehicle from my local dealer. When will it arrive?
Shipping times vary. Please contact your dealer as we provide them with information regarding confirmed orders. Your Club Car dealer can call their Vehicle Order Desk for the latest shipping information.

Parts and Accessories

Can you tell me the availability and pricing information for a specific part?
Check with your local authorized Club Car dealer for pricing and availability of any Club Car part. Your dealer will have current up-to-date pricing and availability information. Click here to find your nearest dealer.

How do I order parts and accessories?
Club Car Genuine Accessories and service parts are available only from our worldwide network of authorized Club Car dealers and distributors. For options and accessories, click here.

Can I buy parts or accessories directly from Club Car?
No, Club Car Genuine Parts are available only from our worldwide network of authorized Club Car dealers and distributors.

How can I find a part that has been discontinued?
Please contact your local dealer to find out what parts are current.

Can I order parts and/or accessories by telephone?
Club Car parts and/or accessories are only available through your local authorized Club Car dealer. Many Club Car dealers have their own websites and do have the capability for phone or web ordering. Please check with your local dealer to see if this option exists.

How can I find installation instructions for the accessory I've ordered?
Instructions should be included with the accessory.

How can I find parts manuals for my vehicle?
Select parts catalogs are available in hard copy form. Check with your local authorized Club Car dealer for availability.

How do you know if a part is a Club Car Genuine Part?
Chances are you're going to have your Club Car serviced or repaired at some point and you will require some replacement or maintenance parts. If work is done at an authorized Club Car dealer you should request your dealer use Club Car Genuine Parts for your vehicle to perform at its best.

Maintenance Support

Where can I find maintenance information for my vehicle?
Your Owner's Manual contains all relevant maintenance information regarding your vehicle. Visit the Owner's Manual link on the Resources tab to download a PDF copy or see your local authorized Club Car dealer to purchase a copy. Basic maintenance information for golf cars is available on the Brochures and Videos link in video format for both consumer and fleet vehicles.

Where can I get a service manual?
Maintenance and Service manuals are available from your local authorized Club Car dealer.

Where can I get the service referenced in a recall or service notification performed?
All service must be performed at an authorized Club Car dealer.

Does Club Car have an outstanding recall or service notification posted?
Past recall and service notifications are available through your local Club Car dealer or distributor. Current recalls are listed on in the lower left corner.

Why should I perform maintenance on my vehicle?
Careful periodic maintenance will help keep your vehicle in the safest, most reliable condition. Inspection, adjustment and lubrication of important components are explained in the periodic maintenance schedule found in your owner's manual.

When should I perform maintenance on my vehicle?
Maintenance should be performed based on the schedule in your owner's manual and Maintenance Service Schedule.

How should I inspect my vehicle?
Inspect, clean, lubricate, adjust and replace parts as necessary. When inspection reveals the need for replacement parts use genuine Club Car products available from your local Club Car dealer.

Who can perform maintenance on my vehicle?
Although you may perform your own maintenance it is best to have an authorized Club Car service center perform any necessary maintenance required for your vehicle. To find an authorized Club Car service center in your area visit our Dealer Locator.

Are specification charts available on the site?
Specification charts are available on the Web site for current models. To see if they are available for your model please choose your model then click on the Specs link.

Am I required to take my Club Car vehicle to an authorized Club Car dealer for service and maintenance work?
We recommend you have an authorized Club Car dealer service your vehicle. Using a non-authorized dealer may void your warranty.

Can I do my own oil changes?
Yes, but we request that you keep written records and copies of receipts showing the oil changes were done.

Brochures, Manuals, and Other Literature

How can I get a piece of literature on a Club Car product?
PDF versions of our literature are available on the Resources tab under the Brochures and Videos link as well as on our product pages. Click here and fill out the online form to have hard copy literature sent to you.

Where can I get an Owner's Manual?
Visit the Owner's Manual link on the Resources tab to download a PDF Copy or see your local authorized Club Car dealer to purchase a copy.

Are there publications for older models?
Yes. Visit the Owner's Manual link on the Resources tab to download a PDF copy, or see your local authorized Club Car dealer to purchase a copy.

Do you have manuals in other languages?
Yes. Depending on the product, owner's manuals may be available in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Polish and Czech.

Customer Service and Warranty

Customer Service

How do I contact Club Car's Customer Service Department?
For customer or product related questions or comment, please call 800-CLUBCAR, extension 1, or visit the contact us page.


How long is my factory warranty on my Club Car vehicle?
The length of the warranty depends on the vehicle. Contact your dealer or distributor or review the warranty section in your owner's manual.

What is covered under my factory warranty?
Warranty coverage depends on the type of vehicle. Contact your dealer or distributor or review the warranty section in your owner's manual.

If I make modifications to my vehicle will it still be covered?
Club Car authorized accessories installed by a Club Car authorized service dealer are covered.

What happens if I sell the vehicle?
In some cases the warranty is transferable; please check with your local dealer for details.

How are repairs handled under my factory warranty?
If you experience problems with your vehicle take it to an authorized Club Car dealer. They will diagnose the problem and repair the vehicle. If it is covered by Club Car, the dealer will submit the required paperwork to Club Car on your behalf.

Does my factory warranty cover transporting the unit to and from the dealership?
No, it does not.

My Club Car vehicle is in need of repair, but the warranty has expired. Will assistance be offered to me?
An authorized dealer or distributor can assist you with identifying the issue with your vehicle. If needed, they can perform the repair work for you.

Is my factory warranty valid at all Club Car dealers?

Can I go to a non-Club Car dealer for warranty work?
No, only an authorized Club Car dealer or distributor may perform warranty work on your vehicle.

Is my warranty good outside of the United States?
Yes, at an authorized Club Car dealer or distributor.

How long is the factory spare parts warranty?
If you experience a problem with an OEM spare part, please contact your local authorized Club Car dealer for guidance.

How long is the factory warranty on my Club Car accessory?
Coverage depends upon your vehicle. Please refer to the Warranty section of your owner's manual or contact your local Club Car authorized dealer.

How do I transfer the warranty on my vehicle if I sell it? Is it transferable?
Please contact your authorized dealer or distributor for information on transferring the warranty on your vehicle, if applicable.

Remanufactured and Pre-Owned Vehicles

Remanufactured Vehicles

Where can I purchase a remanufactured vehicle?
Club Car offers certified remanufactured vehicles through our worldwide network of authorized Club Car dealers and distributors.

Can I buy a remanufactured vehicle direct from Club Car?
Club Car does business like a major automotive company. As such, we sell all products via our dealers and distributors.

What is the warranty on a remanufactured vehicle?
Gold Standard Remanufactured vehicles come standard with a three year limited Club Car warranty.

Can a used gas powered golf cart be remanufactured?
Check with your dealer for availability of all remanufactured products. Club Car does offer gas powered remanufactured vehicles. Check with your dealer for availability.

What colors are available for the Remanufactured vehicles?
The standard colors are: White, Beige, Dark Green, Red, Black, Classic Blue, Cayenne, Atlantic Blue Gray and Burgundy. You can also special order the vehicles in a custom paint. Please contact your local dealer for more information.

What options and accessories are available for these vehicles?
The most common options are available from the factory and include headlights, taillights, turn signals, private speed mode, canopies, etc. These items can be viewed on each model sheet. In addition, Club Car offers through our dealers a wide range of Aftermarket accessories such as all-weather enclosures, covers, hubcaps and gun racks. Contact your local dealer for a full offering.

How can I tell if a vehicle is a Certified Remanufactured vehicle?
All remanufactured vehicles are issued a new serial number plaque that is gold in color. This plaque can be found at the lower edge of the dashboard and allows a customer to easily identify the vehicle as a Club Car OEM product. In addition this newly issued serial number allows for warranty registration and tracking.

Do the Remanufactured vehicles come with canopies?
The golf car will come standard with a new, current style canopy top. Other models can be ordered with an optional canopy.

Pre-Owned Vehicles

Where can I buy used golf cars or other vehicles? Can I purchase direct from Club Car?
Club Car does business like a major automotive company. As such we sell all products via our dealers and distributors.

Do used golf cars or other used vehicles come with a warranty?
No, used vehicles are sold on an as-is basis. However, some factory remanufactured products come standard with a three year limited warranty.

How can I tell if my used golf car is a 36 volt, 48 volt or IQ system?
If the charger plug that inserts into your Club Car is rectangular you have a 36 volt vehicle. If your charger plug is round with 3 prongs it is a 48 volt vehicle. A vehicle with our IQ System will also have a round charger plug, but will have a rocker switch for the Forward and Reverse options.

I need a set of golf car batteries. What kind should I buy?
When looking for a golf car battery first determine if you have a 36 volt or 48 volt vehicle. A 36 volt vehicle has six 6 volt batteries and a 48 volt vehicle has six 8 volt batteries or four 12 volt batteries. These are specialized "Deep Cycle Lead Acid" batteries designed for electric vehicle use. DO NOT attempt to use 12 volt automotive batteries.

What is the value of my used vehicle?
This is a common question but one that is impossible to answer accurately sight unseen. As an automobile value depends on age, cosmetic condition and mechanical condition, as well as any options or accessories on the vehicle, the same is true for golf cars. Club Car recommends that you shop around local dealers, classified ads in your newspaper or even the internet to find a sampling of vehicles of similar age and condition. The average price of your sample vehicles will give you an idea of the value of your own car.

Potential Suppliers

I am interested in becoming a supplier to Club Car. What is the process?
The Global Supplier Quality Manual provides guidelines for Ingersoll Rand Suppliers to meet or exceed in order to supply direct parts, raw materials, service parts and sourced products purchased by Ingersoll Rand. Club Car also adheres to the policies contained in the manual. Click here to access the manual.

Still have more questions?

I have questions about Club Car vehicles your website does not answer. What should I do?
Your local authorized Club Car dealer is the expert on the Club Car products they carry. Contact your nearest Club Car dealer for more information on the answers to your questions.

Why can't I see some of the pages on your website?
The Club Car website utilizes pop-ups to display information. To ensure that you can view this information please check your computer settings. You may need to enable pop-ups.

How can I submit a question to Club Car?
If you were unable to find your answer you can submit your question through our Contact Us page. You may also contact 1-800-ClubCar, extension 1.